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The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP) is a joint initiative with the objective of promoting the rich archaeological heritage in the Republic of the Sudan. It comes in fulfillment to the will of the political leadership in the two countries to promote the cultural heritage of the country as expressed by HH Emir of the State of Qatar and HE the President of the Republic of the Sudan.A joint committee was set up to supervise the project headed by HE Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al-Thani (Vice Chair of Qatar Museums  - QM) as the President of the project’s joint committee, together with HE Dr Mustafa Osman Ismail (Then, Advisor to the President of the Republic of the Sudan) representing the Sudanese side.


The project registered in Sudan as a NGO under the name ‘THE NUBIAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION’ covers:

  • Funding: QSAP is funding the work of 40 archaeological missions out of which 28 missions have already set off their field activities since September 2013.
  • Museums: Establishing new museums and renovating the existing ones.
  • Pyramids: Restoration and conservation of the over-230 pyramids.
  • Camps: Two camps for facilitating and hosting the working missions.

QSAP funding of the project is saving the time and the efforts of archaeologists who can focus on researches rather than raise funds. They can also plan researches better for five years with secure funds rather than plan only for one season at a time.

  • This is a golden opportunity to modernize and systemize archaeological methods and techniques so that the same high standards are followed in cooperation with each other. QSAP is working on strengthening the spirit of partnership between all archaeological missions in Sudan and instituting a new system of sharing information and resources.
  • QSAP is paving the way for better cooperation with international heritage organizations such as ICOM, ICOMOS, UNESCO .
  • QSAP is funding a wide range of Sudanese outreach public archaeology programs to stimulate people’s interest in their own heritage and share the results of the expedition works with them.
  • QSAP is helping generate new approaches to heritage site management to ensure the safety and sustainability of sites as well as enhance closer ties between cultural heritage managers and the public.
  • QSAP is funding new local Sudanese projects for cultural tourism development, which will help involve the local community and enhance the domestic economy.
  • QSAP is allocating grants for young Sudanese researchers for academic and vocal courses in heritage and cultural tourism.
  • QSAP is running field school training courses and programs to help young Sudanese archaeologists develop their skills.
  • QSAP is funding a major project to digitize significant archives of past archaeological researchers for the target audience in Sudan.
  • This is the first time in modern history of the Arab region that an Arab country is organizing a joint archaeological mission to work in Sudan.

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