Scientific Board

In order to ensure the professional execution of this ambitious project, QSAP has decided to constitute a Scientific Consultancy Board of distinguished experts of the archaeology and history of the Middle Nile Valley.

Board assignment:

  • The Scientific Board shall advise the Organization (QSAP) of the development of the project, its scientific implications and shall monitor and evaluate the different projects. 
  • The Scientific Board shall read and evaluate the annual reports of the archaeological missions immediately after each season.
  • This evaluation will involve visits to the sites, preferably during the field activities.

Members of the Scientific Board:

1. Mr. Vivian Davies, President of the Board (UK- Former Keeper  of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum and former  Director of the British Museum’s Missions at Tumbus and Kurgus-Sudan).

2. Professor Charles Bonnet, Member of the Board (Switzerland- Member of the French Institute. Former Director of the Mission of the University of Geneva at Kerma. Co-director of the Swiss-Franco-Sudanese Mission at Dokki Gel-Kerma- Sudan).

3. Dr. Okasha El Daly, (UK – Egypt) Member of the Board and Rapporteur (QMA-Doha-Qatar).

4. Dr. Abdelrahman Ali, (Sudan) Board Member and Vice President (Director National Corporation for Antiquities & Museums-NCAM-Sudan).

5. Dr. Vincent Rondot, Member of the Board. Missions’ representative in his capacity of the President of the International Society for Nubian Studies –ISNS- (French CNRS, former Director of the SFDAS-Khartoum-Sudan).

Board Coordination :

6. Ambassador Ibrahim Abdulla Fagiri, Board coordinator & coordinator (QSAP-Khartoum-Sudan, Former Sudanese Ambassador in Doha).



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