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Sudan National Museum, Khartoum

The National Museum of Sudan, founded in 1971, is located on El Neel Avenue in Khartoum. It contains the largest and most important archaeological collection in the country. It has more than 50.000 objects.

One of the approved Doha projects is the Rehabilitation of the Sudan National Museum.

The agenda of the project involves:

1- Rehabilitation and extension of the garden.

2- New and modern protection of the garden temples.

3- Rehabilitation of the main building of the museum.

4- Modernisation of the exhibition concept.

5 -Modernisation of the air-conditioning, lighting and security systems.

6- Dealing with the new extension of the museum for the exhibition of the relics of the late periods of the country's history.

7- Construction of visitors' garden of the museum.

 A Museum at Naga


Building a new museum at Naga documents one of the most spectacular sites of the Meroitic civilisation (4th century BC to 4th century AD). The Museum has been planned by one of the world-wide known architects Mr. David Chipperfield. The idea of building a site museum at this location has been suggested by the archaeologists of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, who have excavated and restored the site for more than 15 years.

Other museums are planned to be erected elsewhere in the future.


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