Sudan Pyramids

The Qatari mission for the pyramids of the Sudan is constituted of:

  • The main activity will be devoted to the Royal Tombs of Meroe at Begrawey.
  • There has been a concrete partnership with the German Archaeological Institute DAI.
  • Sponsoring of the digitalisation of the archives of the late Fritz Hinkel, the German Architect who worked for more than 4 decades in the service of the antiquities of the Sudan especially the restoration project of the pyramids of Meroe.

Special care will also be given to :

  • the problem of wind erosion and sand accumulation at the pyramids (A comparable project at the site of Ma'arib in Yemen).
  • the attractive presentation of the pyramids to the visitors.

 These are 4 pyramidal complexes:

  1. At Meroe (Begraweya).
  2. At Gebel Barkal.
  3. At Kurru
  4. Nuri

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