Name of Mission Amara West
    Mission No. QSAP 1
    Institution British Museum
    Location Amara West, Northern State

    While part of this site was excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society (1937-1939 and 1948-1950), the town and cemeteries have since remained untouched. The town was the administrative capital of Upper Nubia (Kush) in the Ramesside Period (c.1300-1050 BCE), when the region was under the control of Pharaonic Egypt. Within the town, a well- preserved sandstone temple, decorated under Ramses II and his successors, was discovered, along with a governor’s residence and housing areas, set within the town wall. Amara West is the best preserved town of this period in the Nile Valley, leading the British Museum to commence a new project in 2008, with a particular interest in studying the relationships between Egyptian and Nubian populations in the area. The mission’s activities consist of reconnaissance surveys, especially in the contemporary cemetery, using modern techniques, excavations, protection, conservation/restoration and visitors’ facilities..




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