Name of Mission Mirgissa Project
    Mission No. QSAP 29
    Institution University of Lille 3
    Location Northern State

    Mirgissa, which represents one of the most important sites on the 2nd Cataract, was built by the Egyptians during the 12th Dynasty (around 1900 BCE) on the frontier with the Nubian Kingdom of Kerma. The fortress, one of the largest in Nubia, was protected by a dry ditch, two enclosure walls and several spurs leading down to the river. The civilian population lived some miles away, north of the fortress, in a town protected by a stone wall. The site was excavated by a French archaeological mission under the direction of Jean Vercoutter between 1962 and 1969, who, subsequently, went on to publish three volumes on Mirgissa (with a fourth, by Brigitte Gratien, currently under press). This mission aims to publish two further volumes on this major site.




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