The Rehabilitation of the Museum of Kerma

    The Swiss mission from the University of Neuchatel has been working in Kerma. The finds from Kerma, the center of a Nubian empire more than 4000 years ago, finally found an appropriate exhibition space in a newly built local museum.
    Ten years after its inauguration in January 2008, it became necessary to undertake rehabilitation at the Museum of Kerma. Repainting its inside and outside was the priority. A part of this work was accomplished this winter. The rooms devoted to the medieval period and to recent cultural traditions were painted first, as well as the main hall where seven statues of the Nubian Pharaohs and their successors are exhibited.
    As the construction of the Museum was finalized in a hurry 10 ten years ago, the mission noticed that the protection of the roof was inefficient and made with material of poor quality. With a team of local workers, it was decided to remove the exterior two centimeters of cement and to put a new coat of cement of good quality on top. After this first step, a water-proofing protection sealant was added. In addition, the outside wall close to the main entrance was painted. With the QSAP support of the next season, the rehabilitation work will be finished in its entirety, including the finalization of the roof protection and of the painting, as well as some improvements in the exhibition.



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