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A country like Sudan has got it all in its soil. Tourism deliverables could be so countless that may help promote tourism there. The northern border has the integrity of cultural themes that could be built up in terms of cultural tourism. Sudan has also gained the momentum in its archaeological sites in comparison to its neighbouring states, despite the fact that a lot of efforts need to be exerted. Needless to say, Sudan has its own diversity of nature tours, for instance, the safari tours, ecotours, coastal tours, mountains and camping tours, diving in addition to the Nile’s.

Tourism Policy for Regional Cooperation

Trans-border Tourism: Regardless of the restrictions that may hinder the spread of regional tourism among the countries of the same nature, culture of wildlife, a lot of action can be taken to guarantee a smooth transfer of the visitors to those neighboring states. The main obstacle here is the so called sovereignty of terrain. Politicians may be the acting agents in this regard. The mutual interests of the neighbouring states should be the main area of focus. Security of borders may be the main reason behind the difficulty of fulfilling that goal; however, some efforts need to be exerted and some actions need to be taken into consideration.

Themed Heritage trails: There are varieties of themes through which the shape of the tour is formed. In the same locations, themes of visits may vary; for instance, Meroe site could be visited for its pyramid collection. It could also be visited for its nature and wide valley. Possible themes are camel tours along with its surroundings and so forth. In general, one location could be exploited for a number of themes that do not necessarily relate to one another. Themed Heritage tours also stretch from a city to another and amongst the neighboring countries especially when history and culture are similar or have common denominators.

Educational Tourism Programs: one of the measures to improve domestic tourism is the development of educational programs by the MTAWF and the Ministry of Education. Both entities can encourage establishing tourism clubs in schools. Students may act as the catalyst to persuade their families and relatives to travel regularly within the country. Educational Tourism may also get tour operators involved in organizing programs for families. The extension of this program could also reach up to the neighbouring countries in the same region. In the long run, this would be able to encourage more social contact and cultural exchanges that would automatically raise common understanding between the youth in the region.

Raising Community Awareness: 

Education Tourism: Schools and educational institutes have to be involved in this respect. Visits to schools are very important to enrich students’ knowledge about the value of cultural tourism locally. Governmental entities, mainly the MTAWL and Ministry of Ed, have to work hard in order to include culture and heritage as well as the importance of tourism in general in the students’ syllabi.

Cultural & Heritage Festivals: Cultural and heritage festivals are highly favoured in raising the community’s awareness. This needs affiliation of entities in order to fulfil such festivals and the consequences are highly beneficial to the whole society. Festivals connect the community to its culture, heritage, history even traditions and habits. It also raises an area of pride of that certain society to its civilization and cultural background.

Camel Tours and Racing:For an area such as Meroe, the vast valley can play an important role in running a number of tours one of them is the camels’. In this respect, camels are rented along with guidance by their owners to cover an X-day(s) of the tour. That will guarantee helping the community gain from the tours in its area.

Evening episodes:In an area such as Meroe and mainly when visiting the local community and spending the night(s) in their rent rooms or tents, the evening could be enlivened through a number of episodes; for instance, running poetry contests, telling cultural tales and anecdotes, exchanging cultural aspects with the tourists and other exciting activities.


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